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Gen4 Cascade Console 30A


The ECP4 Cascade Console is an add-in box required connected to EMP4 or EMC4 Main Console to be operative. It provides addition 30A of PWM EDM power. It has 2x independently operative Microcontroller base Hi-Side MOSFET driven PWM circuits, each provides 15A limited PWM output to EDM probe. It also provided addition Cascade output port for daisy chaining if needed.


  • 6"(H) x 6"(W) x 12"(D)
  • Single 6"x 6" faceplate
  • 6" Heasink backplan
  • Advanced Air-flow Management
  • Dual 1602 LCD Display
  • Dual CPU Section
  • 2x 15A PWM Output PowerPaths
  • Path's Output Level Adj
  • Sync. Main Console PWM Driver
  • EDM On-Off
  • by Main Console
  • 1x Cascade Input
  • 1x Cascade Output
  • Single 480W/720W PS Mounts
  • Inner/Heatsink Temperature Readout
  • AC Input Power Monitoring

System Level

System Block Diagram |  |


CPU Board 180501-N PCB Assembly |  |
Power Board 180502-5 PCB Assembly |  |


CPU Board 0501(MH/AL) |  |


Case Top Panel |  |
Case Bottom Panel |  |
Case Left Panel |  |
Case Right Panel |  |
Case Front Panel |  |
Case Horizontal Bar |  |
Heatsink Backplane |  |


Heatsink BP Assembly |  |

Image Slides |  |

Bill Of Material

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Update: May 2019


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