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Advanced Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) D.I.Y. Project
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Gen3 Main Console 15A

8"(H) x 6"(W) x 12"(D)
6"x6" + 2"x6" faceplate
8" Heasink backplan
Dual 2004A LCD Display
PWM 50Hz-50KHz 1-95% Duty
Manual Override EDM Mode
12V 3A Z-Axis Driver
Z-Axis Speed Adjustment
Single 15A PWM Output PowerPath
EDM Status and controls
ZDRV3 Interface
Top mount 480W PSU
Inner/Heatsink Temperature Readout

The EDMP3 equipped with dual ATmega328 microcontroller via 2x onboard Arduino Promini module. Basic hardware configuration using 171114 and 171107 PCB set provides dual 2004A I2C LCD (can add many in parallel as needs) port, multiple Temperature readout (Inner-Air, Heatsink) using DS18B20 Temp. Sensor, 2x DVM (Vin and Vprobe), 1x DAM (EDM Current), 1x PWM output (phase-correct 16-bit PWM 30~50K Hz 1~95% Duty), dual Hi/Lo side MOSFET Drivers, Logic I/O includes EDM probe sensing, 12V Stepping Motor interface, key switch inputs, Top/Bottom position detect and LED indicator drivers which all controls via firmware and highly customizable.
The EDMP3 top mounts 480W LED Strip power supply and single 15A limited PWM output circuit that provides up to 15A at 24VDC of the continue output power (depend on in use PS rating).
Distilled Water were use as EDM dielectric fluid bath between Probe and work piece.

System Schematics |  |
Console Assembly Illustration |  |

CPU Board 171107 Schematics |  |
CPU Board 171107 PCB Assembly (RefDest) |  |
CPU Board 171107 PCB Assembly (Value) |  |
CPU Board 171107 PCB Assembly (Conn) |  |
Power Board 171114 Schematics |  |
Power Board 171114 PCB Assembly (RefDest) |  |
Power Board 171114 PCB Assembly (Value) |  |

CPU Board PWMGen Promini 1 |  |
CPU Board ZDRV Promini 2 |  |

Note: Case's parts are fabricated direct from CAD DXF to Engraver/CNC, draft file listed.

Case Front Panels |  |
Case Rear Panel |  |
Case Top Panel |  |
Case Bottom Panel |  |
Case Right Panel |  |
Case Left Panel |  |
Case Lower-Left Bar |  |
Case Lower-Right Bar |  |

EDMP3 Guide |  |

Bill Of Meterial
|  |
Image Slides
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Update: November 2018


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