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Gen4 Main Console Ext.PS


The EMC4 is the smallest Main Console in Gen4 series. It has the same function as EMP4 except it only provides one 15A Limited PWM output circuit, and does not has power supply built-in, instead it provides DC power input port on Rear-panel for external power supply feeds. It also has 2x Expansion ports and 2x Cascade port for large load application.
The EMC4 designs for high-voltage low-current EDM output (spark gap controls) application that sync with connected ECP4 and/or EXP4 which provides Low-Voltage High-current cutting power if needs.


  • 6"(H) x 6"(W) x 11"(D)
  • 6" x 6" Front/Back faceplate
  • 6" x 10" L/R side Heasink
  • Advanced Air-flow Management
  • Dual 2004A LCD Display
  • PWM 50Hz-50KHz 1-95% Duty
  • Manual Override EDM Mode
  • 12V/24V 3A Z-Axis Driver Select
  • Z-Axis Speed/Resolution Adj
  • 1x 15A PWM Output PowerPath
  • Path's Output Level Adj
  • EDM Status and controls
  • 2x Cascade Output
  • 2x Expansion Output
  • 2x Controls input
  • Required External DC Power Supply

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