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Gen4 Expansion Console 30A


The EXP4 Expansion Console is an add-in box required connected to EMP4 or EMC4 Main Console to be operative. It provides addition 30A of PWM EDM power in selectable synchronous or asynchronous mode. It has 2x independently operative Microcontroller base Hi-Side MOSFET driven PWM circuits, each provides 15A limited PWM output to EDM probe. It also provided addition Expansion output port for daisy chaining if needed.


  • 6"(H) x 6"(W) x 12"(D)
  • Single 6"x 6" faceplate
  • 6" Heasink backplan
  • Advanced Air-flow Management
  • Dual 1602 LCD Display
  • Dual CPU Section
  • Dual Local PWM Generator
  • 2x 15A PWM Output PowerPaths
  • Path's Output Level Adj
  • Sync. Main Console PWM Driver
  • Async. Local PWM Driver
  • EDM On-Off by Main Console
  • 1x Expansion Input
  • 1x Expansion Output
  • Single 480W/720W PS Mounts
  • Inner/Heatsink Temperature Readout
  • AC Input Power Monitoring

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