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Gen3 EDM Head


12" height ZDRV3 Z-axis is a NEMA17 (12V) driven EDM probe mounts which connect to EDMP3 Console to operative. Probe’s Electro mounting plate has #4-40 threaded 0.5” x 0.5” grid fixture's mounting patterns for various mounting deviations. Built-in Fix Top/Bottom position limit switches for hard limit feedback. 3" wide rugged support back plan secured to base platform by 3x #10-32 socket screws.


  • 12" height pedestal configuration
  • 60mm range Z-axis Assembly
  • NEMA17 Stepping motor drive
  • 100A Probe current capabilities
  • Hard Limit Top/Bot sense via Micro Switches
  • Includes control Switches side panel
  • LED indicator on front panal
  • 3" wide rugged back plan
  • 0.5" SQ Grid Probe Mounts Electro plate

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